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Newly Contracted Projects

We are excited to announce the following new projects for C2C Construction Solutions!

Oriskany Arms - Oriskany, NY

We have just been awarded a contract for a 8,500 sf wood addition for Oriskany Arms.  Project is expected to begin in July.

McCraith Beverages - New York Mills, NY

We have just been awarded yes another contract from McCraith Beverages for a 21,000 sf warehouse expansion.  This expansion will be built between the Truck Storage and Recycling Center.  This we built in 2008 and have expanded it twice since then.  This building will measure 760 lf from Office to Truck Garage and connect the entire facility.  We are glad to build again for this valued client.  This project is expected to begin in the Fall of 2022 and run through the Winter.

Sturges Manufacturing - Utica, NY

We have just been awarded a contract for a 10,600 sf Warehouse Expansion.  This project is expected to begin in June 2022 and be completed by October 2022.

Wicked Sweets - Yorkville, NY

We are well underway building a 3,300 sf wood framed Bakery & Ice Cream Shop.  This project is expected to be completed by July 2022.

Dollar Tree Store - New Hartford, NY

We are nearly complete with a 10,182 sf renovation and 4,000 sf addition at the Former New Hartford Court and Police Building.  This includes a new storefront entrance with sidelights, and new E.I.F.S.  This project is expected to be completed by July 2022.

Moto World - Utica, NY

We have just been awarded a contract for a 12,000 sf pre-engineered Butler Building and entry facade to be used for a Honda & Suzuki Powersport Sales & Service Facility.  This project is expected to begin in May 2022.

American Alloy Steel - Rome, NY

We have just been awarded a Shipping Office Addition to the Steel Plant Service Center.  This addition includes two enclosed offices and an Arzel three zone system.  This project will begin in July 2022.  We are proud to return to this site for a long time client. 

Wilcor International - Schuyler, NY

We have been awarded a contract for a 61,854 sf Butler Building Addition, which includes a 12,400 Mezzanine.  This Design-Build project will begin in May 2021.

Stevens-Swan Humane Society - Utica, NY

Stevens-Swan Humane Society - Utica, NY 

The Steven-Swan Humane Society is having us expand their current locaiton by adding a new Intake Room, Medical Room, and several other interior and exterior renovations, as well as some new kennels.

Reilly Boathouse - Raquette Lake, NY

We are underway building a new 1,200 sf boathouse in Raquette Lake.  The Boathouse will feature a vewing deck above the roof system.

MGS Manufacturing - Rome, NY

MGS Manufacturing - Rome, NY 

MGS Manufacturing has awarded us a contract for a new 7,500 sf Butler Building to use for a Storage Warehouse.  Work is underway and will be completed in July 2021.

Square One Coating Systems - Oriskany, NY

Square One Coating Systems - Oriskany, NY 

We have been awarded a contract for a 15,000 sf expansion of their existing facility. Work will begin in June 2021.

Live It Downtown!

Live It Downtown!

Alex Carbone, the Owner of the Fitness Mill, will be relocating his business along with several other Retail Tenants, including Gentleman's Corner Barber Shop, Peter's Cornucopia, Kingwater Chiropractic, Cooperstown Connection, as well as several others, to this 46,000 sf building, located on Oriskany Street in Utica.

We are excited to lead the project for Alex and his team.

We will work through the winter and be ready for opening in May 2021.

Check out the video for the Live It Downtown Building.

Roaring Brook Wind Farm - O & M Building, Martinsburg, NY

We have been awarded a Design-Build sub-contract to provide a new Operations and Maintenance building for a New Wind Farm for the prime contractor, The Wesson Group.

The (6,000) sf Butler building includes Offices, Bathrooms, Break Room, and Maintenance Garage space a SCADA project will start in Spring 2020.

Cold Point - Rome, NY

Cold Point - Site Work

After 2 years of design, planning, and financing for this project, which will be located on a former industrial Brownfield site, we are now underway with a new 50,000 sf building for the Whalen Company, a parent company of Cold Point, that manufacturers HVAC equipment for hotels, apartments, and others. 

Due to the poor soils conditions, we are utilizing a ground improvement method known as Deep Dynamic Compaction, which compacts the soils with a 10 ton weight dropped from a tall lattice crane.  That work is now nearly complete.  Foundations and building will follow in May/June.

The Butler building includes Manufacturing, Warehousing and Office space.  The project is scheduled for completion by end of 2020.

Carbone Auto Group - Hyundai

We have been awarded yet another contract with the Carbone Auto Group.  We will convert the former Corporate Offices and Re-con Center to a new Hyundai Dealership.  The project includes a 3,600 sf Showroom addition, entire new Façade and renovations to the former Office side for all of the Customer Areas, Parts, and Service Advisors.  Project starts early September and will be completed by early Spring of 2020.

We are proud of our continued relationship with the Carbone Auto Group and now Lithia Motors, the parent company.

From small to large, we provide construction solutions for all types of projects in the Design-Build delivery method.

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